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As we welcome the new year, Apache Drill has two new committers: Timothy Chen and Julian Hyde.  Their hard work on behalf of Drill has earned the notice and gratitude of the project and community.

Tim Chen is an engineer at Microsoft in Seattle who recently spoke at the Bay Area Apache Drill User Group meet-up about his work related to the lifetime of a Drill query end-to-end. Tim’s presentation was part of the celebration of the first milestone release for Drill. Please see the earlier post here at the Drill User blog for details. You can find out more at Tim’s blog or follow him on Twitter @tnachen

Julian Hyde was an engineer at Pentaho who recently moved to Hortonworks. For Drill, Julian has worked on the SQL. Julian is also lead developer of Mondrian OLAP engine and Optiq data platform and is one of the authors of the Manning book Mondrian in Action   Julian will be one of the speakers at the next Bay Area Apache Drill User Group planned for 24 Feb 2014. Stay tuned for details. You can follow Julian on Twitter @julianhyde

Drill is also fortunate to have the help of a new project mentor, Sebastian Schelter. Sebastian is a PhD student and research associate at TU Berlin, with expertise in machine learning, especially recommendation. Sebastian is active with the Apache Foundation, being a PMC member and committer for the Apache Mahout project. Sebastian is on Twitter as @sscdotopen

And a Happy New Year for 2014 to you all!

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