There are several projects for SQL-on-Hadoop. What makes Drill different? What are the top 10 reasons why Drill is a valuable and innovative technology in your tool belt for interactive data exploration on big data? 

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It is our pleasure to announce the 0.5.0 release of Apache Drill.  This is Drill’s first beta release and the second in our iterative monthly release cycle. It includes more than 100 issues addressed since last month’s release and more than 1,000 addressed since Drill’s inception, this is a great release to start exploring your data, wherever and whatever it is.

To read more on this release, please visit the original Apache blog post by committer Jacques Nadeau.

How would you use Drill?

What questions or comments do you have about the design of Drill? 

What are your thoughts or suggestions for the Drill community?

The Bay Area Apache Drill User group is going to meet in San Jose, California next Monday 24 February at 6pm, and where ever you may live, we want to hear from you.

Please tweet your ideas or comments using the hashtag #drilltalk by Monday evening Pacific time (you can follow Drill on Twitter as @ApacheDrill).  Or add a comment or question here.

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by Ellen Friedman on Twitter as @Ellen_Friedman

As we welcome the new year, Apache Drill has two new committers: Timothy Chen and Julian Hyde.  Their hard work on behalf of Drill has earned the notice and gratitude of the project and community.

Tim Chen is an engineer at Microsoft in Seattle who recently spoke at the Bay Area Apache Drill User Group meet-up about his work related to the lifetime of a Drill query end-to-end. Tim’s presentation was part of the celebration of the first milestone release for Drill. Please see the earlier post here at the Drill User blog for details. You can find out more at Tim’s blog or follow him on Twitter @tnachen

Julian Hyde was an engineer at Pentaho who recently moved to Hortonworks. For Drill, Julian has worked on the SQL. Julian is also lead developer of Mondrian OLAP engine and Optiq data platform and is one of the authors of the Manning book Mondrian in Action   Julian will be one of the speakers at the next Bay Area Apache Drill User Group planned for 24 Feb 2014. Stay tuned for details. You can follow Julian on Twitter @julianhyde

Drill is also fortunate to have the help of a new project mentor, Sebastian Schelter. Sebastian is a PhD student and research associate at TU Berlin, with expertise in machine learning, especially recommendation. Sebastian is active with the Apache Foundation, being a PMC member and committer for the Apache Mahout project. Sebastian is on Twitter as @sscdotopen

And a Happy New Year for 2014 to you all!

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By Ellen Friedman, Twitter ID: @Ellen_Friedman

Co-organizer of Bay Area Apache Drill User Group

The Apache Drill project is building an innovative tool for ad hoc, interactive queries in the time scale of 100ms to 20 minutes on large, distributed data systems. Participants in the open source Apache Drill community recently came together to take a look at how Drill works now and what will be the next steps in the project.

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After we’ve released the M1 alpha version of Apache Drill a lot of things happened:

UPCOMING: The Bay Area Apache Drill User Group will have a meet-up on coming Monday 4 Nov 2013 on Apache Drill: First Milestone Release.

Michael giving an Apache Drill talk at JAX London 2013

In his recent blog post, Yash Sharma provides a detailed account of how to contribute to Apache Drill: Implementing Drill Math Functions—the article is geared towards Java developers but I’d argue that also Apache Drill users in general would benefit from studying it.

Huge congrats to the Apache Drill team! The alpha release is being shipped now and Drill has won its first award: it’s one of the best open source big data tools 2013.

BTW, last week I gave an Apache Drill talk and demo at the HUG Stockholm—slides and a video recording are available.

It’s been a very active season for the Drill community as the project prepares for a first milestone release. And with the Drill demo on the website and participation in a hands-on workshop, the “user” part of this Apache Drill User site is beginning to live up to its name.

A sample of events in June – August include:

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This month has been exciting so far and promises even more. Here some highlights and announcements:

  • Drill talks
    • We had a very nice Hadoop get together in Berlin on 8 May. Lot’s of questions and good (brain) food.
    • On 14 May I presented Drill at the London HUG and again, huge interest and great discussions. I think it has been recorded. Stay tuned.
    • Then, on 16 May I had a gig in Stuttgart where the slides are now also available.
    • Upcoming: this Friday, on 24 May I’ll give a Drill tutorial at the Cloud East in Cambridge, UK. I suppose there are still some tickets available.
  • Check out ROOT, a distributed query engine from CERN. These guys really rock
  • Again, progress from Julian re operators.

And, as usual: don’t forget to join us at the weekly G+ hangouts at 9am PST / 5pm GMT/ 18:00 CET to discuss progress and issues.